an evergreen day in Shizuoka; photo by Evergreen63
■Evergreen Recordは、静岡県浜松市を中心に演奏するシンガーソングライター、キモトシゲルの音楽活動ブログです。キモトシゲルが代表を務めるオリジナルのRock/Popバンド Story や、自身の弾き語りなどのライブ情報、ライブレポート、音源、動画の紹介、また自身が主宰を務めるインターネット配信番組「うたよるTV」のレポートなどを掲載しています。

■The “Evergreen Record” is a personal label that is supervised by Kimo (Shigeru Kimoto) who is a singer song writer at Hamamatsu-city in Japan.
This site is like a personal blog of Kimo, and posted his original music by his band “Story”, his musical activities as a Singer & Song writer, and report about “Utayoru TV” which is Internet TV program that Kimo is producing.